Software development

We offer the following services in the area of software development:

  • Analysis, assessment and enhancement of existing IT architectures and solutions
  • Concept and analysis, requirements management, quality management (test concept and management)
  • Software development for PC/desktop, embedded und mobile systems and platforms
  • Client/server system and software development
  • Development of web applications and solutions

IT Security

Specifically we focus on IT security related services comprising following technology areas:

  • Smart Card and specifically Java Card related development topics (applications/applets development, testing, driver development, host applications development)
  • PKI related technologies (digital signatures, authentication, PKI middleware: PKCS#11, CSP/minidriver, PKCS specifications, certificates, certification authorities)
  • Smart-metering
  • NFC, BLE and other contactless communication related topics and standards
  • Mobile payment (TSM, wallets, various payment schemes)
  • Mobile transit and ticketing
  • Trusted Execution Environments (TEE) for smart phones, TEE applications (trustlets development)
  • Secure communication solutions (VoIP-based, secure cloud storage and others)
  • Secure microSD and SD cards and related technologies and specifications
  • Embedded security systems engineering, architecture, development and testing
  • Over-the-Air (OTA) solutions


We evaluate your requirements and support you in the area of desktop, mobile and embedded software development, especially with a focus on IT security and related technologies. We share our long-term experience with you for the implementation of planned as well as for the maintenance of your previously developed software. In particular, we support you with any specific problem, question or project in the area of:

  • Software engineering and development
  • Embedded and mobile systems engineering
  • Smart card based security and related technologies (NFC, PKI,…)

Project management

As a modern IT company we are committed to developing customer- and business-specific software solutions for small, medium-size and large companies and take on the management of the complete development process as well as all details during project execution. We provide project management services for various types of projects:

  • Consulting activities and projects
  • System and software development projects
  • Nearshore outsourcing projects

We use the most suitable and efficient technologies, methods and tools available to provide maximum benefit and future flexibility. Our close relationship and regular communication with the customers results in efficient, practice-oriented and especially user-friendly software solutions.

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