Secure Communication

Secure communication

for mobile and desktop platforms

Android iOS/MacOS Windows Linux

Our secure communication solution offers an additional level of security for people and companies that deal with private, confidential or otherwise sensible data outside their well-protected office environments, and hence, will exchange such information by voice and video calls in public networks.

The pure software solution runs high-level encryption on all your phone calls and is extendable with additional hardware-based (i.e. by using SIM cards, secure microSD cards, etc.) authentication mechanisms. Installable on a wide range of commercially available mobile phones and smartphones as well PC/desktop platforms it guarantees a secure encrypted connection between two or more communication partners without regard of the used mobile network (WiFi, UMTS/3G, EDGE, GPRS).

  • Secure voice calls and conferencing with an arbitrary number of participants
  • Secure video calls (on PC/desktop platforms only)
  • End-to-end security with double-layer encryption
  • Stand-alone OEM solution with closed user group and operated independently at your own premises