Passwordless Authentication

FIDO-based passwordless authentication

for mobile and desktop platforms

Android iOS/MacOS Windows Linux

Our FIDO UAF based strong authentication framework enables online services and websites, whether on the open Internet or within enterprises, secure user authentication without the need of traditional passwords. It allows the transparent leverage of native security features in end-user computing devices for strong user authentication in order to reduce the problems associated with creating and remembering many passwords.

It consists of the multifactor authentication client as well as server components enabling users to authenticate to any application or website using the existing security capabilities of their smartphones, tablets or laptops.

  • Various authenticators like PIN-protected authenticator, fingerprint and others on request
  • Bluetooth based connector for usage of smartphone FIDO UAF client also for online authentications on laptops and desktop PCs
  • Secure hardware (smart card) or software based cryptographic algorithms implementations
  • Usable with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome as well as Mozilla Firefox browsers
  • Easy to install and integrate multifactor authentication server